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Welcome to the official "Ukulele Bassics" website. My name is Pete and I am the bass player of a warm and friendly, stimulating three piece ukulele ensemble called "Ukulele Bassics". The other two band members are my son Dominic, and his music tutor Mike Gradwell, who both play ukulele and sing. Hence the band name "Ukulele Bassics". We play in mostly care homes and community centres and our music can be catered to suit the likes of your residents/audience. Our performance has been described as "wonderful and fabulous!"

We can play vocal harmony sets from the Sixties, the Fifties, Charts, Vintage (old time) and Christmas. We even play a few punk rock songs! We can cater our song selections from your suggestions. We encourage your audience to join in with us as we play. We play in many care homes in the Morecambe and Lancaster area and the residents love us, come alive, sing along, and some even got up to dance as we play.

Our charges aren't great and we represent good value. We normally ask £45 which would generally cover our expenses; but we would be happy to play for you free of charge if that's a problem!

Our performance lasts for about an hour; which would be around 20 songs.

If you would like us to perform for your residents, please get in touch by e-mail or phone (bottom of page).

The Band


Pete (bass and vocals) originally started playing bass in a Cèilidh band and for Morecambe Ukulele Club. Pete now plays for "Ukulele Bassics" and is always looking for new bass grooves. Pete says, "We need the bass to groove and provide a steady rhythmic feel to make everyone want to move, dance and tap their feet".


Dominic (lead ukulele and vocals) began playing piano when he was just two years old, but its only in more recent years that he started to play the ukulele. Dominic is a virtuoso and plays many instruments including piano, steel pan, accordion, and xylophone and is an accomplished soloist on ukulele.


Mike (rhythm ukulele and vocals) started playing classical and folk guitar but now the ukulele has become his main instrument, and he now teaches ukulele and guitar in primary schools and adult classes. He also gives lessons on a one-to-one basis and has a website at

Contact Us

Please contact Peter Hayes for details:


Recent Events

This is a photo of the band at Positive Futures North West:-

And also two videos at the same venue :-

And also a great slideshow ;)

Come see us play live!